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Olive Grove

Lefteris Karelis


We are really fortunate because Minoan Civilization sent us its descendant, the wood master, Mr. Karelis from Crete.

Lefteris is a really busy man with his art crafts but he also does theatre & music professionally and in his spare time he puts his leather vest on and rides his Harley.

He mainly works near nature, thus respect towards to "her" is given! With the sculptures, he regenerates the dead trees to art. Lefteris works with high quality wood, such as olive, pine, oak tree woods and others. 


Enjoy his magnificent wood-art below!

"Balance" | Lefteris Karelis
"Path to the top" | Lefteris Karelis
"Melissani Vase" | Lefteris Karelis
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