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Musketeers over Suez

Musketeers over Suez

In November the 3rd, 1956, during the Suez Crisis.

The painting shows two french Corsair airoplanes, the 15.F.17 and its couple (Flottille 15F, Aeronavale) on the way to their mission. Their aircraft carrier, R95 Arromanches, was the commanding centre for the french forces.


The 14.F and 15.F Flotillas took part in the Anglo-French-Israeli seizure of the Suez Canal in October 1956, code-named Operation Musketeer. The Corsairs were painted with yellow and black recognition stripes for this operation. They were tasked with destroying Egyptian Navy ships at Alexandria but the presence of U.S. Navy ships prevented the successful completion of the mission. On 3 November 16 F4U-7s attacked airfields in the Delta, with one Corsair shot down by anti-aircraft fire. Two more Corsairs were damaged when landing back on the carriers.

  • by Kostas Kavvathias

    Type: Print

    Dimensions: 50x70cm

    Materials: Acrylics on canvas (originally)

    Available: For sale

    Ordered from: HOBBY BOSS model kits

    Signed: Yes, front

    Certificate of Authenticity: Yes

  • Plane's logs:

    Vought F4U Corsair | BuNo.133699 | 15.F.17

    Units: Flottille 14F & 15F, Aeronavale

  • Picture source:

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