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Are you looking to ask Mr. Karelis for his services? You can book him now with a small deposit and in a secondary phase, we will estimate the final cost of the wooden art. Locris art gallery provides the certificate of authenticity along with the painting' s exclusive number.


Time & Location


Atelier in Crete

About the Event

Whats is going to be delivered:

Wooden art sculpture will be delivered according to your taste and prior communication with our gallery. Obviously, a fixed price cannot be estimated in advance, as we need to know the dificulty of your enquiry and the size of the art item. For book Mr. Karelis, please contact us at or go to contact page.


£500 deposit, for booking Mr. Karelis. Note that bespoke products cannot be returned. Locris art gallery absorbs all secondary expenses (VAT, Shipping Costs, Customs, Fees etc). 


  • Deposit

    This is a deposit for booking Mr. Karelis. Deposit is non-refundable and in general, any bespoke art cannot be returned.




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