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Kostas Kavvathias

All set to book Mr. Kavvathias for a month (20 working days) for creating your bespoke art-wish. The Standard order includes acrylics on canvas 50x70cm and costs £3,650. Locris art gallery provides the certificate of authenticity along with the painting' s exclusive number.

Kostas Kavvathias
Kostas Kavvathias

Time & Location


Atelier in Corfu

About the Event

Whats is going to be delivered:

The standard painting' s dimensions are 50x70cm, paint on canvas with acrylic colours. Canvas will be stretched and framed  on a timber framework 50x70cm. In case you wish for a theme with deferent dimensions, oil painting or other materials, you can get in touch at or go to contact page.


£3,650 in two installments. The first payment has to be paid in advance for booking Kostas for a month. The second payment will follow once you receive the fulfilment proofs and the painting will be ready for shipping. Bellow you can find our booking tickets for either case. Locris art gallery absorbs all secondary expenses (VAT, Shipping Costs, Customs, Fees etc) 


  • Booking Payment

    This is the first of the two instalments. By issuing the ticket, you book Mr. Kavvathias for a month. A second ticket has to be purchased after painting' s completion and before shipment.

  • Completion Payment

    This is the second & last instalment. This ticket is issued after work completion and before shipment. Proofs of work completion must have been sent to you from our gallery. After this purchase, your artwork will be shipped and will reach you soon.




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