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chrisma Hats

For making your own hat, you buy one of our existing designs as a base and then you send us your request with an additional fee of £30. Locris art gallery provides the certificate of authenticity along with the painting' s exclusive number.

chrisma Hats
chrisma Hats

Time & Location


Atelier in Athens

About the Event

Whats is going to be delivered:

Customise your chrisma HAT! You can choose one of our existing designs and then you can add your own touch for unique appearances. Please let us know for your customised HAT at or go to contact page.


£30 additionally to the HAT's price. Note that customised products cannot be returned. Locris art gallery absorbs all secondary expenses (VAT, Shipping Costs, Customs, Fees etc). 


  • Customisation Fee

    This is the additional fee on top of the hat's given price, for customising your own chrisma HAT.




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