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Mr. Kavvathias is considered one of the top five aviation artists in Greece. He is talented, a good professional and very communicative thus, it gives us such a pleasure to collaborate with him. Consequently, his prestigious name has been chosen by the Hellenic Air Force (among others) for delivering his unique & ''alive'' paintings.


He was raised up in Corfu into a working-class family. After a few years of wandering around Europe and UK, Kostas acquired all the necessary experience, skills and information so he could take off.


Nowadays, someone can find him at his little workshop in Corfu, standing back from the crowded cities and the bright lights. He is really devoted to his art and he targets to conquer the global aviation galleries.

Here, the aviation lovers can find & purchase high quality copies from his past artworks but also to order bespoke themes only from his magic hands – guaranteed.

His paintings are much appreciated by passionates about history, collectors, ex air force personnel and global investors, This is because Mr. Kavvathias can make a historical moment alive, even if this event has never been captured by a photographic camera.

- We 'paint' history!

work on commission

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 F-16C block 52+ Fighting Falcon, Greek Zeus Demo Team 

real-life picture

Kostas Kavvathias art painting

vought f8 crusader.jpg

Vought F-8 Crusader, challenge accepted!

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