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Nemesis over Philippines

Nemesis over Philippines

This is a wonderful P-61 painting, showing the "Black Widow" flying over the San Juanico Strait, in Philippines. The plane belonged to the 421st Night Fighter Squadron. Characteristic detail of this particular heavy fighter is the nose art of the Nocturnal Nemesis! 
The P-61A-1-NO Black Widow/42-5502 ('Skippy') was destroyed in a bombing attack, in November 15th, 1944.

During WWII, Northrop designed and built the first warplane specialized on night operations, which was equipped with Radar system! A heavy, all-metal, twin engine fighter dominated on the skies for 12 years only, as the new-generation jet planes appeared quite quick. 

During it's servicing years, the P-61 was developed to every single war theatre in the world with absolute success. It was a good plane produced in large numbers. 
  • by Kostas Kavvathias

    Type: Print

    Dimensions: 50x70cm

    Materials: Acrylics on canvas (originally)

    Available: For sale

    Ordered from: HOBBY BOSS model kits 

    Signed: Yes, front

    Certificate of Authenticity: Yes

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