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Cold blood Skywarrior

Cold blood Skywarrior

The Skywarrior was designed as a nuclear armed, strategic bomber. It was developed to take off from the Midway-class aircraft carriers thanks to its jet-powered engines. However, neither the engines proved powerful enough, nor its size was helping. The Pentagon soon realized that the emerge of developing ballistic missiles was more essential, and the Skywarrior was tasked with various secondary missions, such as electronic warfare, tactical reconnaissance and aerial refueling. It served proudly from 1956 until 1991.


In February 1963, the Douglas A3D-2 Skywarrior/Bu. 142401 just took off from the USS Kitty Hawk, as it is shown at the background along with its escort. The air deployment took place into the exercise 'Red Wheel' which was including several task at the Pacific theatre. 

  • by Kostas Kavvathias

    Type: Print

    Dimensions: 50x70cm

    Materials: Acrylics on canvas (originally)

    Available: For sale

    Ordered from: HOBBY BOSS model kits 

    Signed: Yes, front

    Certificate of Authenticity: Yes

  • The aircraft's logs:

    • 2/1958: Delivered to the United States Navy.
    • 1958: VAH-6 as ZC-3.
    • 1960-61: VAH-6 as NG-9.
    • 1962: VAH-13 as GP-611.
    • 1963-64: VAH-13 as NH-611.
    • 1965: VAH-123.
    • VAH-6.
    • 6/1967: Converted to KA-3B tanker aircraft.
    • 1968: VAH-10 as AG-411.
    • 1969: VAH-10 as AG-406.
    • 1970: VAH-10 as AJ-612.
    • 1970: VAQ-129 as AJ-612.
    • 12/1970: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard.
    • 5/29/1978: Struck off charge.
    • Currently stored at NAS Alameda, CA.
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