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Renaissance Style Portrait

Juliana Gurabardhi

She is fresh like an aromatic rose coming out from a renaissance painting.

Juliana is a fresh and ambitious woman with studies in art. She is here to conquer the exhibition halls and to establish herself as a competent ambassador of Renaissance movement. Her portraits and paintings are influenced by impressionism and Caravaggisti. Juliana is exceptional with oil, pastel or pencil.

Locris art gallery is proud having Mrs Gurabardhi on board!


She accepts the challenge! 

"December 1793" | pastel on paper 40x50cm | Juliana Gurabardhi
Portraits & details | Juliana Gurabardhi
The Discobolus of Myron | oil on canvas 50x70cm | Juliana Gurabardhi
Aurora | oil on canvas 70x70cm | Juliana Gurabardhi
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