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Image by Nick Trentham

Kostas Kavvathias

The gallery's most featured artist, our "heavy bombardier".

Proud of having Mr. Kavvathias on board, as he is considered one of the top five aviation artists in Greece. His prestigious name has been chosen by the Hellenic Air Force for delivering his alive, ''noisy'' paintings.

His art is higly appreciated by passionates about history, collectors, ex air-force officers and global investors, This is because Mr. Kavvathias can brings back in life a historical event, even if this event has never been captured from a photographic camera.

Paintings can be found exhibited in:

- Dekelia Air base, Air Force Museum 

- Tanagra Air base, 114 Combat Wing

- Portsmouth Naval Base  

 Kostas paints history!

USA Series | Kostas Kavvathias
Hellenic Series | Kostas Kavvathias
Royal Series | Kostas Kavvathias
Soviet Series | Kostas Kavvathias
Axis Series | Kostas Kavvathias
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